Free2Convey is an online portal that’s been developed to provide full chain view to all parties involved in conveyancing transactions, entirely free of charge. It’s safe and simple to use whilst improving efficiencies through streamlining current practices.

Updated in real time, Free2Convey enables everyone in the conveyancing chain – conveyancers, agents and clients – to see what stage the transaction has reached. Chains are created either by conveyancers or agents involved on a transaction, enabling a two way flow of information.

Free2Convey has been rigorously tested over the past 18 months to ensure it’s entirely secure, and that it runs seamlessly for all those involved in the conveyancing process. We’re very proud to have secured the support of some leading names involved in the UK property sector – Land Registry and Lawyer Checker, to name just two.

But don’t just take our word for it; try it for yourself.