Docs4home offers secure environment for parties to collaborate on conveyancing documentation

  • October 1, 2016
  • Free2Convey

Free2Convey, the UK’s first free conveyancing portal that provides full chain view in real time to all parties, announces the release of Docs4Home, an online collaboration tool, which enables conveyancers, agents, clients and lenders involved in a property chain to share and collaborate securely on conveyancing documentation.


Unique to the property market, Docs4Home can be used in conjunction with Free2Convey or as a standalone product, as Matt Lancaster, one of the founding partners of Free2Convey explains: –


“Docs4Home is an online tool that provides all parties in a conveyancing chain with a highly secure environment where they can upload, transmit, share and collaborate, in real time, on documents relating to conveyancing transactions.


“As more of us are conducting our affairs online, we realised a gap in the market for the online equivalent of getting all the parties involved in a chain around a meeting room, enabling agents, their clients and advisors to come together ‘virtually’ to collaborate on documents so that progress can be made swiftly and securely.”


Docs4Home allows users to log in online from wherever they are in the world to create folders at the touch of a button. Documents are uploaded either at the click of a button or simply “dragged and dropped” into the relevant folder. Docs4Home also allows for a link to be embedded in the footer of emails so that the recipient may click the link and securely upload documents directly into the sender’s Docs4Home account.


“Whilst complementing the chain information that’s been created in Free2Convey, Docs4Home eliminates the need to email or post documents back and forth between others in the chain, while enhancing security and control over who has access – and at what level – to documentation,” Mr. Lancaster added.


Docs4Home will offer a free to use version for clients in a conveyance and a comprehensive, free to use version for businesses, as well as premium versions for both individual and business users with added value features.


Mr. Lancaster said that with cyber security threats a growing concern, Docs4Home offers two-factor authentication on every login from all parties, with all data held on UK-based datacenters: – “This allows all parties in a conveyance to share data and communicate more securely than other means such as email, which is susceptible to fraudulent activity and is less secure.


“We are also working on a further piece of functionality core to Free2Convey that’s specifically designed for agents, which we are going to release, as Free2Convey continues to evolve,” he added.